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We provide our clients with high-quality, professional, and personalized services. The firm was originally established in 2002.

Tax Services
We provide a wide array of services in the area income tax planning and preparation. We can play an important role in reducing your tax liabilities through advanced tax planning. Our services include preparing income tax returns for individuals, partnership and LLCs, C and S corporations,non-profit entities as well as trusts and estates. We are very knowledgeable in complex tax matters and have significant research capabilities. We can also assist you in dealing with the IRS, if needed.

Business Consulting
We perform general consulting for all levels of businesses. We can provide general direction in overseeing the formation of new companies, give management advice for established businesses, and develop business plans for clients who want to focus on certain aspects of their businesses. Our consulting services include all aspects of operating a business, financial reporting, income taxes, budgeting, employment and government regulations. We can also assist in the purchase, acquisition, valuation and sale of a business.

Industry Specialties
We are able to provide industry specific services in the following areas:

  • Oil & Gas drilling and production services.
  • Construction Contractors
  • Governmental Entities
  • Agriculture and Ranching Activities
  • Non-profit Entities
  • Trusts and Estates

Estate Planning and Gift Planning
Our firm has significant experience in the area of estate and gift planning. We can assist you in achieving your goals by way of advanced planning in the areas of estate and gift taxes. By working with you and your attorneys, we can ensure that your documents are in proper order to ensure your assets transfer according to your wishes. Through advanced planning we can minimize the impact of federal estate and gift taxes.

Accounting Services
Our accounting services are tailored to fit your individual needs, ranging from full-service bookkeeping to a periodic review of you accounting records. These can include preparation of payroll and payroll reports, and tracking of accounts receivable and accounts payable.

We can also provide controller services, which includes a periodic review of your balance sheet and profit & loss statements. This ensures that transactions are properly recorded, including fixed assets and depreciation. This service provides you with an up-to-date, accurate view of the financial condition of your business, which contributes to informed decision making and enhanced financing capabilities.